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The conversation we started in the fall continues! We are pleased to announce a series of four monthly dialogues with Native American community leaders this winter and spring as a follow-up to The Doctrine of Discovery series. The first is February 9 @ SPACC, from 6:30-8:30 Click to learn more

SPIN Midweek Interfaith Dialogues; Blessings and Trials of Interfaith Diversity Thursday, February 12, from noon-2 PM. Joyce Slaughter, who is herself a convert to Islam, will discuss some of the blessings and trials she faced in her encounters with interfaith and intra-faith diversity as well as offer a few suggestions to help you lead your community in our increasingly diverse age.

Inter-Belief Converation Cafe; Je Suis Charlie OR NOT? On January 7 Muslim extremists attacked the offices of the French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, and killed eleven people there. Millions, including Muslim leaders marched in the streets saying, "Je suis Charlie"--"I am Charlie." But do cartoons showing a naked Muhammad and images insulting Islam and other religions constitute free speech or a right to be gratuitously offensive. While standing against violence, is hurtful attack on faith the Charlie we wish to be? February 16, 7-8:45 PM at SPACC


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