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2014 SPIN Fall Series: “Disavowing the Doctrine of Discovery”

A dialogue around the complex and often painful relationship between Native American peoples and those who have come after them. Historical and theological perspectives on the tragic treatment of Native peoples by our state, nation and religious institutions, focused on the “Doctrine of Discovery”—the papal edicts European monarchs used as legal and religious justification to seize “discovered” lands and convert or kill “heathen” inhabitants. The doctrine’s legacy is still alive today through the generational trauma of indigenous peoples and in cultural racism that devalues Native peoples’ languages, cultures and religions.

For dates and more information: Fall 2014 Interfaith Dialogue Series


Special Event to Commemorate the People's March on Climate Change in New York City: Film, Dialogue and Prayer on Climate Change. On the same day as the Peoples’ March on Climate Change in New York City (anticipated to be the largest ever street demonstration addressing climate change), the Saint Paul Interfaith Network (SPIN) invites you to view the film Disruption (52 min.); join in dialogue about our reactions to the film and thoughts, feelings, and intentions about climate change; and offer prayers from our various traditions (including ones by Dakota elder, pipe-carrier and Healing Minnesota Stories volunteer, Bob Klanderud) about climate change. Sunday, September 21, 2014, 4:00 – 6:00 p.m., at the Saint Paul Area Council of Churches, 1671 Summit Ave., St. Paul 55105. For further information: peoplesclimate.org

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Welcome to SPIN

Saint Paul Interfaith Network (SPIN) is an informal, all-volunteer network hosted by the Saint Paul Area Council of Churches (SPACC). SPIN develops and offers programs which serve to build relationships, understanding and respect among the various religious traditions and groups in our community.

SPIN values interfaith dialogue and networking across traditions, as well as dialogue within faith traditions on ways to build relationships and understanding.

SPIN cooperates with other groups in the area working toward the same goals and assists congregations to develop their own awareness, education and dialogue events.


SPIN events are open and SPIN runs on volunteer power. Participation at whatever level of time and interest you may have are welcome. Join us as we build stronger, peaceful and healthier communities.